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..::Reality TV island walkthrough and tips::..

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If you haven't beat it yet it does has spoilers.

Take a ride in the Poptropica blimp and arrive at Reality TV Island. Walk into the

building with the name Mikes Market and go right until you see fresh donuts and a man

reading a blue magazine. Talk to him, and hell tell you that Reality TV Island is on in

less than 24 hours! I gotta go! In a rush, he will run out of the market and drop his

magazine. Take the magazine he dropped, and you will obtain an item called Tabloid in your


Now click on your inventory and click to Examine the Tabloid. Once it opens, click on Next

and you will find a blue card that says Reality Tv Official Contestant Application. Click

on the application and it should tear off. The Application will now be in your inventory.

Leave the market and go left until you see the Motels Office.

Enter and head right until you see a telephone on a desk and a bunch of white pens with

red tops. Click on the pens. Cheap Pen will be added to your inventory. Use the telephone

to dial in: 555-7383 (as in 555-pete in the magazine). Click Call, and someone will answer

and say, Papa Petes Pizza. Whats your order

Your character automatically replies with, Um small plain pizza. In response, Papa Petes

Pizza will ask, Where do you want that delivered Click over to Motel Room 4B and Papa

Petes Pizza will assure you, Ok, well send a driver right over. Then exit out of the


Outside, you will meet up with a woman with a pizza box. Talk to her, and shell say, I'm

supposed to deliver this pizza, but I forgot the room number! You'll offer her, Want me to

take care of that for you Enthusiastically, she replies, Sure! I want to get home and

watch TV, anyway. She will give you the pizza box and go away. [Tip: If you have the

'Costume Collector', you may want to take this opportunity to save the pizza box!]

Jump up to room 4B, and click on the door. You will knock on the door and announce, Pizza!

When the door swings open, enter and walk to the right until you see a man. Talk to him,

and he will say, Finally! It took you guys forever to get here!

He will take the pizza from you and you will be given 3 options of what to say next.

Choose the third one I could really use that grand prize. The man will then give you a

stamp. Go to your inventory and click Use on the stamp card. Stick it on your application

card, and you can write something in your application card, such as: I want to be famous!

Exit out of his house, and go right until you see a blue mail post box. Click on it and

you will confidently say, Well, its worth a shot! You will put the application card in the


The next day

I don't believe it!!! But just then, a helicopter flying by will confirm that this is,

indeed, happening. I made it!!! I'm on the show! Now get up on that roof and click Start

The Show on the helicopter to make it really happen!

The Show

Click to Begin The Show, and you will meet all of the opponents you will be facing. (Tip:

You might not see them all in one show/season but if you keep restarting the shows/seasons

you will get to see them.)

Now click to Begin Today's Challenge [people will get the challenges randomly]. For your

reference, here is an alphabetical list of possible opponents you may be up against:

Betty Brownie

Black Widow

Bret Batter

Busy Bob

Cathy Codex

Chef Jeff

Director D.

Dr. Hare

Freddy Fry

Grandma Gracey

Grandpa Grum

Helen Hiker

Hip Hop

Hippie Harry

Lassie Lasso

Magic Mervin

Merry Muse

Ned Noodlehead

Rickie Rock

Sally Score

Sarah Snooty

Sickly Skull

Slim Slam

My personal favorite is Betty Brownie. :)

Game Challenge Help

1.Totem Hop: This one should be pretty easy. Just stay on your totem and if your totem

starts to shake, click on another one until youre the last one standing.

2.Boulder Push: Keep clicking on the left click on your computers mouse as fast as you can

to reach the finish line first.

3.Coconut Catch: This one may be tricky. When the monkey throws coconuts, you have to jump

and try to catch them before the others do. All coconuts are fair game, but grabbing the

bunches of 3 coconuts will help you get to your objective faster, increasing your chances

of being the winner. The winner is the first to get 20 coconuts.

4.Shuffleboard: Click to aim your puck to the center of the target. There are three

rounds. The objective is for your puck to be at the center of the target at the end of the

3rd round. On the first round, if you aim your puck to the center of the target, the other

challengers can knock your puck out of the target in the next 2 rounds prevent them from

winning, and keep your puck in place!

5.Shot Put: This one is quite easy. Click the angle to where it reaches 45 degrees, so it

should be right in the middle. Click again when the power bar is full. Whoever s rock goes

the farthest is declared the winner.

6.Water Run: This one is tough. The objective is to fill your jug with water from the

waterfall, then bring it back safely, without spilling it. Watch out for the boar, who may

attempt to knock you down.

7.Pole Climb: The objective of this challenge is to stay on the 2 middle poles and move

right or left, while trying to avoid the falling coconuts.

8.On The Line: Click the left click on your mouse and your fishing pole automatically will

go down and come back up. If you're lucky, it will return with a fish. The winner is the

first to get 5 fish. Look for fish ABOVE your hook. You will also need to consider the

speed of the fish and the speed of your Poptropican character when reeling the hook in.

9.Balanced Diet: You have to keep your pole balanced. Try to keep the dot in the middle;
it gets harder as more food is placed with your pole.
TIP: You have to pull the dot to where you want it to go. (The middle)
10.Mountain Race: The objective of this challenge is to reach the top of the mountain

before your opponents do, but you have to watch out for falling rocks. If the rock is

falling from the air, click below; and if its sliding downward, jump to duck them.
TIP: At the top of the screen there will be all the contestants, stand directly under the second, (2nd) person on the far right. That way you can see the falling rocks and the rolling rocks.

11.Geyser Guess: This game is based purely on luck and chance. You need to select a geyser

and be the last one standing. [Tip: When someone floats away, select his geyser.]

12.Turtle Shell Toss: All you have to do in this challenge is to throw your coconut into

the turtle shells; the larger, closer turtle shell awards you 10 points, while the

smaller, farther one gives you 20 points. There are three rounds. Match your mouse with

the angle your opponents throw at if they make a 20 point shot, so that you can cash in on

the same amount of points they get just as easily. Also, go for the 10 point shell in the

first round. That way, you'll have some points to back you up. At the end, the challenger

with the most points wins. If there is a tie, a Tie Breaker [rematch] will be played until

someone misses.

After the end of every challenge, someone will be voted off the show. If you or any other

challenger wins a challenge, they cant be voted off for it. The challenger with the most

votes off is kicked out of the show. If you didn't win the show, try and try again until

you do. Once you have been declared the winner of the reality television show, click

Return Home.

Congratulations, you have completed Reality TV Island! You will be awarded with the

Reality TV Island Medallion and 100 credits to spend at the Poptropica Store. And if you

ever want to restart the show, all you need to do is take a ride on the helicopter again!

But remember: You can only win the 100 credits once.
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