PJs Stories

I remember the days when I, Popular Joker could walk as though I owned the world. I was free.. but I knew that darkness lurked just around the corner. I could feel it. It was not only a darkness that you could see, but feel. *Ahh! Its squishy!!!* ~Ahem~
I became the Lone Joker, instead of the Popular. I was at the peek of the highest battle ranking. But one day my parachutes wouldn't work and my alphabet soup had no vowels. My basketball hoop became oval and my paint shooter dried up. My hole life was coming to an end.
Two days later.
"I can bear it no longer! Darkness is everywhere!" I thought my anger aroused. As I walked to the docks in my hometown Counterfeit Island, there right before my eyes stood darkness itself. It displayed itself on a huge sign, with the most beautiful poptropican girl I had ever seen proclaiming 'I have membership!'. She looked so happy and... popular.Oh I longed to be popular again. "I want to be like her!" I said longingly. But dark spots where speckled all over it. "No! This is the darkness! It is calling itself membership. I must stop it. We must stop it. I feel myself wanting to go near it, and be with the people who have it. To have it myself. NO! I know it is bad. I can't have membership. I must find someone, someone who knows the darkness behind membership. I must find that person. "
So I set of on my mission to find the like -minded person who will help me defeat that membership ship. "If it is the last thing I do I will find that person. I will search from the Blue Nile Falls to Giza, Early Poptoprica to Time Tangled."--
Join me next time how me and 'that someone' embark on our mission to save our beloved world POPTROPICA!
The end
-By Popular Joker

Plus this my 50th post! *applause*