Cheats and glitches

  1. Press ctrl + shift + s  changes your skin color
  2. Press ctrl + shift + r  to randomize your Poptropican. You can hold a football, tennis racket, a cellphone, and a basketball.
  3. In Time Tangled Island, click the crab a few times then it explodes.
  4. In Reality T.V. Island go on top of the helicopter then the wings will twirl you around, around, around.
  5. In Early Poptropica, go to Poptropica towers, put on your jetpack, go to the man hole, go down then come pack up, and now your holding a glowstick (before you does this, you must complete Early Poptropica).
  6. In Time Tangled Island, go to the viking time, then put on your wings, then go in the cave and come out. Now you are holding a torch. (You have to complete the island first before you do this).
  7. Press ctrl + shift +1 – 4 makes emotes.
  8. In Mythology Island, once you get hades hat and put it on then press spacebar, your Poptropican will grow.
  9. In Mythology Island, once you get the thing from Poseidon, put it on then press spacebar, you will grow and have see throw powder.
  10. In Mythology Island, go to Mount Olympus then go to the person who sells bags of wind. Get one , then start flying then quickly go to your Poptropica items, then close out. Now your Poptropican is flying superfast without any air. (GP found it).
  11. Go to 24 Carrot, then go to the diner. Go to where you change your skin color, and press the white milk. Then press drink. Quickly press ctrl +shift +s  then your charectar is holdin black juice.
  12. Before you finish Counterfeit Island, get a balloon, then when you fight the Black Widow, save a few paintings jump and then jump on the cranker and fly up to Black Widow. Click on her and it will say chat/battle. But you can only chat.
  13. If you have a pirate leg on, put on a dress (Or another costume that covers the pants) and your Poptropica will have ONE leg!
  14. On skullduggary, if dont want crew members, press Ctrl+Shirft+P to get the pumpkin head. When the pumpkin head appears 1 crew member will be lost. Continue in till all are gone.
If you found another glitch or cheat, comment it.