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Mythology walkthrough

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Mythology Island is the 12th island of Poptropica. It opened to Early Access by Poptropica monthly members on April 1, 2010, and to free general use on April 29, 2010.

The following solution contains spoilers for the island.

The object of the island is to collect 5 valuable items, in exchange for which Zeus says he will grant you immortality. You must visit the realms of mythological creatures and Greek gods.

  1. Enter Mythology Island at Olympus Village (Main Street) and go to the Museum of Olympus. There you will see the story of the rivalry of the gods and learn to identify some of the gods and goddesses of Olympus. At the statue of Poseidon, take the Starfish from its face.
  2. Go right to the Grove of Temples, and enter the Temple of the Muses. At its far end, get a Reed Pipe and go to the statue of Euterpe, muse of music. She will test you, then teach you a song that can calm the underworld beast Cerberus.
  3. Go back left to Olympus Village, and left again to the forest with the Tree of Immortality. Climb the steps and up into the branches.
  4. Climb the serpents and bounce upwards on the mushrooms, to reach the Satyr at the upper right. Collect 10 of the honey pots in 60 seconds and he will show you the way to the Golden Apple.
  5. Zeus angrily appears, but offers you immortality if you retrieve 5 sacred items for him from the realms of creatures and gods. As listed on the Sacred Items Scroll, they are : a flower from the garden of the Sphinx, the ring from the nose of the Minotaur, a scale from the Hydra, a giant pearl, and a whisker from Cerberus, guardian creature of the underworld.
  6. Leaving the tree, you meet the goddess Athena, Zeus's daughter, who warns you that Zeus may have secret motives. She arranges for you to use the olive trees as a source of information.
  7. Go left across the bridge to the Garden of the Sphinx. You will have to open the aqueduct switches and push down the two wooden gates to start the water flowing again. Collect the rare flower and pick pomegranates from the tree above the Sphinx.
  8. Use the Reed Pipe at left, playing the eight colored notes on the wheel that opens the Minotaur cave. (blue-blue-green-yellow-yellow-red-blue-green)
  9. Go in and speak to the Minotaur, and enter his Cave Maze. (Athena gives you a glowing thread to keep you from getting lost.) Head for the weapons displays to keep on track. At the Pan bones, remove the bones so that the remaining ones spell out the letters TEN. Jump the scorpion in the pit. Click the red-eyed snake when it appears, three times (hard to spot only that snake - takes some practice).
  10. Take the Minotaur ring and go back right, to Olympus Village. At the Hero Hut, you can ask Hercules for help, but he is uncooperative. Go right, past the Grove of Temples to the lairs of Hades (below) and Poseidon (far right). You can play these in either order, but Poseidon first is easier.
  11. Enter the lair and place the Starfish on the altar to the right.
  12. Go through and cross the beach to meet Aphrodite, Athena's sister goddess. Pass her test to get a magic mirror that allows speedy travel throughout the realm. (The gods are Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia.)
  13. Dive into the underground cave in the lake. There are extra oxygen bubbles, but the direct path is across the top, then down the right side, and left along the bottom. Before entering the Hydra cave, go up a bit to recover the Giant Pearl.
  14. Battle the Hydra : when each head stabs out at you, jump up and land on top of it. Swim below to get the scale from it. Exit using the mirror to reach Aphrodite (heart symbol), and walk back right to go to Hades.
  15. At the realm of Hades, earn a drachma from the worker by cleaning some graffiti from the outside of the building.
  16. Enter and place the pomegranates on the altar on the right, which opens the door to the realm of Hades. Jump right into the chasm to reach the River Styx.
  17. On the river ride, avoid the deadly attacks, which will always include one falling stalactite, one flaming skull, and one river monster. Move forward or back to dodge the falling rocks, duck or jump the flaming skull, and jump the river monster.
  18. Reaching the shore, use the Reed Pipe and song (blue-green-yellow-blue-red-green) to lull Cerberus and get a whisker from it. (You cannot move the large rock blocking the Throne Room.) Use the mirror to return to the Mount Olympus gate.
  19. Now that you have all five items, head left to the forest again, where Athena will meet you and you must assemble the Sacred Items to reveal their secret message ("Whoever wields the five sacred objects will rule all of Poptropica"). Zeus arrives and steals the objects from you, and Athena urges you to get Hercules to finally help. He agrees and you go to the Hades throne room using the mirror.
  20. Hercules moves the rock, and Hades gives you his crown to use to battle Zeus.
  21. Use the mirror to travel to the Poseidon lake. Underwater, Hercules opens the rock passage to the Throne Room, and Poseidon gives you his trident.
  22. Use the mirror to return to the Mount Olympus gate, where Hercules smashes open the padlock.
  23. On the mountain, Hercules encounters Medusa and is petrified into a stone statue.
  24. Use the drachma to buy a wind bag from Aeolus at his Wind Wagon. Use it to go upward, then climb the mountainside to reach Zeus's throne. Lighting the four statues will summon him for the final battle.
  25. The Hades crown and Poseidon's trident allow you to fly about as you and Zeus trade thunderbolt attacks. Hit Zeus and his health meter will go down. If he hits you, you lose power, as indicated by the pink clouds that hold you up. If you lose them all, you will fall, and you will have to start over. Gather the little pink clouds as you fly, to replenish the larger cloud.
  26. Like Betty Jetty on Super Power island, Zeus will eventually begin to glow and throw spinning white energy balls at you, and you must avoid them as well as the bolts. He is only vulnerable to your attacks when he is not glowing.
  27. After 6 to 10 sets of balls, you should have hit him enough to win the battle. Zeus returns the sacred items to you, and Athena gives you the Island Medallion.
  28. TIP for beating zues, Mostly focus on getting the pink clouds, that is what keeps you alive. When he turns white you can shoot him, and collect clouds in the time. Click rapidly when he is not white, but don't get too close. It will not work. Good luck!

You can revisit Hades, Poseidon, and even Cerberus and Styx (the river ride has hazards only one way). But Hydra is down for the count, Zeus is not seen again and Hercules remains a statue. The kid atop the Midas Gym is a fan.

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