Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to make Dr. D. jump through the roof

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Here is a step by step information on how to make Dr. D. jump the the room.
You can only do this AFTER you beat spyisland. sp.1. Goto Spyglass eyewear.
Step 2. Go inside stand on top desk.
Put on bowtie.Use bowtie to go on to the shelf above. Click the clock.Dr. D jumps through the roof and chases you!
NOT a flattering picture on Little Bugs part. Unlike Popular Joker, who is always beautiful! (LB and PJ are both MY characters.)

-Popular Joker


Anonymous said...

i luv poppy seeds.

Popular Joker said...

I am guessing the Anonymous commenter is my BFF Hyper Whale! Thanks! I should be posting soon!
-Popular Joker