Saturday, March 6, 2010

Early Poptropica walktrough

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Ok, early Poptropica is one of the simplest islands to beat. This is how you do it:

  • Now, run/walk/jump all the way to the right side. There will be a sign that says Early Poptropica. Click 'go right.'
  • Talk to the pixley looking dudes and they will tell you how their town is in despair. oh my gosh! I lost my porker!
  • The have lost 3 things: A water bucket, A pig/poker, and their signal flag.
  • Walk to the right and go down the well. Go down in till you are in a place with ropes and planks.
  • Near the bottom on the right side, there is a guy with snorkel on. He will tell you there is a glow stick up on the left side.
  • After you manage to get the glow stick, go back out the way you came..
  • Run out of pixley poptropica and then run all the way to the left.
    To the Poptropica Towers.
  • Walk around, and find the hole in the ground... (hard to miss.) Go down it.
  • Once your down there, it should green and gunky.
  • A Gothic girl will say "Hope your afraid of spiders." Keep on trucken' down.
  • Once all the way to the bottom, there will be a big green spider so watch out.
  • Go to the right side and get the pixley porker.
  • Go out the opposite side of the room.
  • This is where the glow stick is handy.
  • Find the golden egg, go up up up in till your back in the light.
  • Go up the towers using the laundry cords. Find the restaurant and go up the vine.
  • Don't be startled from the giant, he will let you through. Go past him to the other side. Walk over all the veggies and find the bucket. Keep going to the right, find the jetpak. It is right past all the planes.
  • Fly back to where you came. Find the big hoe and fly over it and go down. Landing on the the water tower, get the signal flag.
  • Go back to early/pixley poptropica and go to the porker guy. He will take the pig.
  • Go to the guy at the well, he will take it.
  • Fly up to the guy at the watch tower, and give him the flag.
  • Now fly over to the right, there will be a boat, talk to the guy on it and he will give you your medallion!

-Writen by Popular Joker herself. :)

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