Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Titleless post :)

This post was: 
 No, I am not at all a creative post title-r. lol

Oh my goodness has it been a while sense I have posted or what!? I am oh so very sorry about my sudden disappearance. :/  I got detained from computer and then, instead of being detained from the computer, I got blogger taken away for Heaven knows how long. (Don't worry, I didn't do anything horribly bad that blogger had to be taken away, -- I just got behind in school.) : )

So! I am completely behind in the world of Poptropica and I really have no idea whats going on in Poptropica. And that means that I am not going to post right now about New Releases and such. Once I get all caught up with that, I will. 

BTW! I got a puppy! :D

My name :)


Sally said...

Hey Katie! Thanks for the comment on my blog- it's great to find another girl trumpeter out there- who's been playing for 5 years too!

Linda Pochinda said...

oh god! did you get a puppy! envy! it's adorable!

Comewhinewithme said...

The picture of the puppy was so cute! You're really lucky to have one:-)I like your blog style!

Katie Krinkleberry said...

Yes,, I am very lucky to have a puppy. :D I have been wanting one for forever! :D