Wednesday, June 16, 2010

!Excided, just plan excided!

This post was: 
"Can you believe it?" Popular Joker said grabbing Hyper Whale shoulders and shaking them rapidly. Hyper Whale looked at her friend and smiled, "You are pretty excited about Skulduggery, aren't you?" Hyper Whale asked. Popular Joker could tell by the smile tugging at the end of Hyper Whales lips that she was just excited about the new island.

Popular Joker was bouncing up and down rhythmically with the biggest grin she her cheeks would allow.  "Ooh HW I'm excited beyond words! I wonder what it'll be like.  I wonder if I will be harsh to my crew, or if I will be the sweetest captain of the seas." Popular Joker pondered those thought for some time. Finally making up her mind to be strict,- but fun and sympathetic. "What will you be like Cap'n Whale?" Popular Joker asked, but her friend mind was somewhare else, somewhere deep in the sea's battleing evil pirarets and deafeating Captain Crawfish once and for all..

If you couldn't tell, Popular Joker is going bonkers about tomorrow! (Thursday) Yeah I already beat it, but not with my Popular Joker. It'll be different with different poppy's. Well to me anyway. 
Well enjoy your day and Happy sailing!

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