Wednesday, June 2, 2010

..::The reveiw you have been waiting for::..

This post was: 
And now, what you have all been waiting for!
My review on Skullduggary Island!
"OK, so where should I begin? How about the beginning of the island. :) 
I got stumped at a certain part on Bouffant Bay. So, I waited all day for some cheats to come out. (Thank you poppy in the french fry suit!) lol Anyway.. I loved the time period. The outfits use of speech etc.. Once I got my first boat, (raft) I was very very happy and set off at once to de' big blue.
 I only had to get 1 loan that I didn't even need. I loaned 500 doubloons and got squeamish when my 20 days where almost up. :P I don't like loaning money from other people! It is just... well... never mind. Again, ANYWAY.. I went bonkers (in a happy way) when I got 'my first ship!' (Well Lone Walker, a dingy) Or whatever it's called. :) 

I love love loved that you had to buy and sell and that sorta stuff. It was awesome. The Koi was my favorite ship. I was amazed at the size of the Phinex Worrier. It was H U G E!
The ending was well thought of, (thanks creators!)

Yes, that is my ship. :-)!

Over all it was the best island ever ever ever!!
I can't wait in till it comes out so I can do it again.

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