Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mythology help guied

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Mythology Help,
Below are the names you will have to type for Aphrodite to get the touchscreen mirror.
  • Grain,-Demeter
  • Feather,-Hera
  • Goblet/cup,-Dionysus
  • Wing staff and head piece,- Hermes
  • Beauty,- Aphrodite
  • bow&Arrow,-Artemis
  • Shield,- Ares
  • Sticks,-Hestia
Below is the code to open the door to the Monitors labyrinth.
Play this code on your flute,

  • Blue, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green 

Play this song to put the dogs to sleep:
Blue, Green Yellow, Blue, Red, Green

Tip for getting through the river Styx's:Stand right on Charon the ferry-guy.
  • First a piece of the roof will fall. Don't worry.
  • Next a green lava skull with fly by, DUCK.
  • Then a green alligator thing will jump out, jump up and run back to your safe spot.

Haha! I thought this was hilarious!:

"Oh, yeah... about that....."

Everything above I found out myself.
BTW, HW beat it before I did.
I have beat Mythology 3 times. :)

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