Friday, April 16, 2010

The dry well part 1

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The 'Dry' Well

"Ahh!" Popular Joker yelled as she lost her grip and fell down the so called 'dry well' of Early Poptrpica. "Oof! Are you coming are not?" Popular Joker yelled up well t oher best friend Hyper Whale. Hyper Whale looked down in to the dark abyss that her friend had plunged in to.
"All right on 3," Popular Joker began.
"1, 3!" Hyper Whale flung herself in to the abyss, half out excitement, half out of pure-pressure.
"Whoa! Oof!" Hyper Whale landed with a loud thud. "Am I dead?" Hyper Whale groaned.
*Crack* Popular Joker giggled as she cracked her glow stick, "Not yet we are! Here I brought glow stick."
Hyper Whale cracked her glow stick and said, "What are waiting for? Come lets go!"
The two young poptrpicans talked and laughed as if they were the only two in there. But they didn't know there was someone else. His name is Loud Toes. Loud Toes was in the well for the same reason Popular Joker and Hyper Whale were: To find out if the well really was dry. Loud Toes was very prepared, he had lots of long rope and a inter-tube, glow stick and water, (just in case the well was dry!)
The two girls walked around in the well pushing boxes around on the balance beams but then, "Whoa!, Hyper-- AHH!" Popular Joker screamed trying to grab Hyper Whales arm for support. Her scream echoed throughout the well as she fell, deeper in to the dark, 'dry', well.
-Popular Joker To be continued.

The rest only followers can read! I am going to make it into an e-book and the only way to be able to read it is to become a follower.

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