Monday, March 1, 2010

Guess where?: March

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I am copying Calm Starfish and 'The' Incredible Flipper. :)
Every month I will put up a picture of my character (s) somewhere in Poptropica and you guess where!
Leave me a comment to answer. Sorry, no prize, but I will write a special post in honor of whoever guesses the right answer FIRST. Remember: Even if you guess the right answer, you won't be mentioned unless you guessed right first.
Once I find out how to work Mr. Linky you other poptropicans can participate too!

Here is the photo for March!:
-Popular Joker


Calm Starfish said...

Hey!!! It's Calm Starfish!!! I'm glad you liked my idea, Katie. Keep up the good work.
BTW do you run this blog by yourself? Or do you run it with others (a.k.a. Little Bug and/or Hyper Runner)?

Katie said...

Calm Starfish,
Yes I run this blog by myself. I am going to ask my friend Invisible Biker to blog with me. And Hyper Runner and Little Bug are just my other poppys. It is just Popular Joker is my favorite.
Popular Joker